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I feel fucking uncomfortable that a few people I know in real life know about my account. I wish I'd never told them about it. I wish that they've never found out about it. Yea, this is the internet, and the whole world can see your drawings. But I actually loved my anonymity here. That even though a person I know in real life could be a fan of "iKushina", they would never know that it was ME.  I feel like I gave away a free grenade to them. I feel like that they can throw that grenade at me as soon as we've been close to "fighting". That they can tell the whole world about my loser account. I kind of want to make a new account, but that means that I'll have to restart everything. I'll lose all of my watchers, my views, my drawings that I've spent a lot of fucking time to draw.. They can keep telling me "hey, no matter what happens, you can trust me. I would NEVER do such a douchey move as to tell other people about your account" but I just can't believe it. 
I make fancomics and fan art. I make original comics. I love getting rid of the anger inside me from a certain episode, so I'll draw it. As soon as I've drawn it, I feel like at least a bit of the anger escaped, and I can keep on living my life. But what bugs me, is that my original/personal comics are.. well, personal. I don't want people in real life to know about it. Yea, I love being a fucking bitch, and draw a comic about how fucking stupid some people are. How much they bug me. That even though that you shouldn't take an idiot's words for granted, it still fucking pisses me off. I honestly don't care if even people I knew in real life did the same to me, blogged about how "mean" or whatever I am. I don't care. You do that shit, as long as you can keep me anonymous, just as I do with you.
Heck, I easily get embarrased when I look back a some comics who's only a few weeks old. Even though I don't enjoy my old stuff anymore, some people might do, so I just let it stay in my gallery, even though I cringe everytime I see it. 
My friend once told me "I can't believe you're iKushina. That makes you even cooler" I was just.. idk, it felt hella weird. I was happy, but at the same time I thought "oh shit, I forgot she knows about my dA.."

In short, I don't know what to do with this account, and the other accounts I have on various websites. I feel like this is kind of my diary, and I've given a few people the key to unlock my diary.

I hope you guys understand. I would love to read your comments about what you think..

**Thank you so much to those of you who commented! To be honest, I expected to only get 1 comment, but wow I was wrong. It makes me so happy that I actually have active watchers and they like the content I post ^_^ Because I suck at replying to overly nice comments, I'll leave this message to all the cuties who commented; I LOVE YOU :heart: . Well, I decided to just keep this account. Too bad I revealed my account to some people I know in real life, but yea, you can't change the past. Life goes on ~
Take care of yourselves, eat a vegetable, do your home work, and last but not least; stay awesome ~ **

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